R I C H  U N D E R W E A R
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"Just received the underwear and the fit is amazing! Soft, supportive, at all the right places!! Thanks!!!
I loved the workout video....some new moves...it's why I watch...got to keep the muscle guessing."

"The underwear just fit me so perfectly - front and
back - its as if they were custom made
;) "
-Phil Lobel
Lobeline Communications

"About the underwear, I always say is better have few very good underwears than a huge collection of cheap underwears. I have several from different brands from CK, Boss, A/X, etc and believe me, I never, EVER, thought yours will be that good. Very soft, comfortable and really match the sizes you have on your Website. I congratulate you on your new business and for sure, will be back for more. "
-Alex C

"The underwear is very comfortable and stylish for any age. And
above all RICH.
A really intense workout  that can be done in my apartment
with just a set of hand weights and of course Rich underwear.
I liked your sense of humor in the dvd. I had fun and
got an awesome workout. I plan to but at least another pair !"
-John T

David, I just received my Rich underwear today and I had to write to you to say how great they are. I initially ordered them because they looked good in the pictures, and figured that comfort-wise they would be about the same as any other underwear I've owned. I've never been more happy to be proved wrong: not only do they look great, but the cut and style is perfect and the material is so soft. I've never worn anything more comfortable, and I really mean never. I'm totally blown away by how awesome these are and I'm on my way to order some more right now. Thanks!

I also checked out the DVD and while I haven't watched it all yet, I saw some great exercises there, and the shower scene looks hot. I'm very impressed by the quality of all your products. Keep up the great work.



"I tried on your underwear and you are right, it is super comfortable and looks great!
I also watched your underwear workout dvd today and it was awesome!! The workouts are great, the shower clips were HOT!
and I really like what is in your rocket pocket!"
-Glen A

"David--It's great. Soft and comfortable.  Like the way it has room for my package and shows off the head of my rocket.  Because of them I've already had some admiring stares in the locker room at the gym--AND a date!"

""I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you . I don't normally wear underwear. However,  It was your great personality,charm, and not to mention your incredible body that persuaded me to purchase, not only 1 but 2 pairs of  Rich Underwear.There are not too many products that I openly endorse.  However, I really do like the look and feel of these underwear and hope to buy a few more pairs.
- Tony Powers   Actor/Model

We've created plenty of room in the Front of our underwear. We call this the 'Rocket Pocket' cause it gives your Rocket room to launch:)!

Hi, I'm David Rich and welcome to RichUnderwear.com. Rich Underwear is my new line of mens underwear. It's designed to be stylish but also very comfortable. 

"Not until you try Rich Underwear do you know how comfortable Underwear can be:)."

To make Rich Underwear the most comfortable mens underwear you can buy I choose only the softest fabrics. The fabric I found to be the softest was Bamboo. Yes Bamboo. It also uses no pesticides (cotton uses a ton), is naturally anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, breathes well, and looks great. Bamboo fabric is super soft (better than cotton), breathes well (unlike polyester which doesn't breathe), and it absolutely feels so awesome!
The second thing I did to make Rich Underwear super comfortable is I gave us men plenty of room in the front. We call the front part of our underwear the 'Rocket Pocket', because it gives your 'Rocket' room to launch!
Nothing worse then a pair of underwear that smashes your little man, or big man;), and his two friends;). So we made sure Rich Underwear gives you plenty of room up front but also still gives you that gentle support you need.

Our two most popular styles are our Low Cut Briefs and our Low Cut Bikini Briefs. Check them out and get yourself a pair or more, you'll be glad you did.

-David Rich

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Rich Underwear is Made From BAMBOO! It's good for you and the environment! And it's super soft.....
The greatest luxury in life is Comfort